Critical Issues

America First

We must uphold our constitution. Little by little our freedoms afforded to us by the consitution are being stripped away. The Tenth Amendment allows for states to have not only police power, but also a certain level of sovereighnty. We must keep fighting for this under The Consitution. If we do not the States will fail. Our consitution is the only thing standing between us and communism and a nation without independent State Sovereignty is a nation without freedom. I have studied the consitution and am well versed in Arizona Law. As the Arizona State Senator, I plan on making sure I am reading every bill that passes my desk. I also plan on fighting for the mitigation of bill passings. To think the State Legislature presented over 1700 bills in our last legislative session is a perfect example of the overbreath, caused by our politicians forgetting who they work for. We, oh so often, hear about how our respresentatives have done this, or that. However, when we look at our finances it just doesn't seem to get any better.

We send money aiding all of these other coountries, yet, we have yet to fix the problems in our own home. I support helping our own citizens get better opportunities, after all this is supposed to be the land of opportunity. It is time for Arizona Citizens to get their opportunity! We need to think about cleaning our streets! cracking down on crime and drugs! Our tax dollars are going to things that could be mitigated by proper planning. The Arizona people have voted on many different props that give us the ability to shape our legislation to appease the the Arizonan voter. It just does not seem to happen. The Arizona People deserve the best! It is time the Arizona Citizens get what they Desrve!

"A vote for me is a voice for you!"

Border Security

Arizonians have many options when looking to secure our borders. It is important to know the consitution and where the job of Arizona starts and the job of the federal government ends. As we have seen in many other states, they are taking on border issues more heavily every day. We have many good bills that have been presented to support border security, but no better time has come than right now for passing them! We do not need to reinvent the wheel, what we need is enforcement! We need education. When people do not first; understand how immigration works, and second; understand how it effects the economythen their opinions may change. Many people come to the melting pot of the world to find better opportunity for their family however, how fair is it to the legal immigrants. Wihtout law and order we only have chaos. We need to work on solutions that truly work for our State. 

Stop Raising Taxes

We have watched Congress venture further and further into our paycheck, that quite frankly are far passed the consitutional provisions our founding fathers wanted. They have held hostage funds paid by "YOU" in order for states to pass laws that the federal government sees fit. 

Taxes are not the answer. It never was. If we look to histroy, our Country was founded in 1776. By 1789, Our bill of Rights were adopted by Congress. However, not one of those amendments gave Congress the ability to tax your hard earned wage and it wasn't until 1909 they decided it was crucial for America. So I say this with the POEPLE's will in mind, "We do not need to RAISE TAXES, we need to spend wiser and more responsibly so that our citizens can have the best opportunity for financial freedom as possible." There are many better ways ro spend money, to help our state citizens feel less of a burden. Their choice is what should matter, not what politicans think their choice should be. The goverment does not know best. We need to remind them it is "YOU" they work for. Reckless spending needs to stop!

"A vote for me is a voice for you!"


Again, when did our representatives forget they were working for us? They go to the capitol with good intentions and then decide to make deals, in smoke filled rooms. I have watched the same players for years and years get elected, and then our citizens suffer because nothing changes! We must hold our politicians and government accountable for their actions or lack thereof. The simple truth is that they have forgotten the people. Our economy, our country, our state and our lives are being discounted and they do not see the constituent as a priority, well, not untill election time that is! I''m here to fight for honesty, and integrity. I've always been told the truth will prevail, and I think it's time that should be proven right! HOLD OUR ELECTED OFFICIALS ACCOUNTABLE! 


Social Service Reform

This subject goes for capitalism! Our state should be focused on rehabilitating individuals to be self sufficient and provide them with the tools and resources to succeed instead of an infinite wheel of no vertical mobility. Married couples get less benefit and help. Single parents have extra support. I've heard couples say they can't afford to get married because they would lose benefits. If we supported our communities with an innovative approach that supports families instead of supporting one head of the household, our economy would benefit. We need real reform, to help individuals have the tools to be contributing members of society! We need people in the workforce. Hand UPS, not Hand OUTS!

Donate your VOTE not your MONEY!

During this campaign I have seen nothing but candidates raising money to run to represent you! Don't send me any money, just make sure to help me at the polls. I would rather you take that money and use it for something you need or heck even enjoy. I don't want to win this race because I got the most donations or made the most money. I want to win because YOU chose to support me where it actually matters and you believe in taking down the status quo!